The Vision

"Grow Together in One Heart"

The Mission

"To provide all students with the opportunity to GROW together and to reach their full academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual potential. We believe that this will enable our students to develop into joyf ul, caring and responsible citizens respecting themselves, others, and the environment. "

Upcoming Events-April 2018


2 : Easter Celebration

13: Isra Miraj Holiday

23-25: Tooth-brushing Activity

  Elementary School

4: Easter Celebration

Week 2/3: Field Trip

14: Isra Miraj holiday

18,20: Teeth Brushing Activity (during PE Lesson)

  Middle School

5-9: Practical Examination

2: Easter Service, Term 3 Report Taking

9-16: School Examination

14: Ascension of The Prophet Muhammad Holiday

16-19: 3rd National Examination Tryout

23-26: National Exam Computer Based

  High School

2: Easter Service, Term 3 Mid Semester Report Taking

9-12: National Exam ( UNBK )

14: Ascension Of the Prophet Mohammad


Student's academic calender (2017-2018) :
:: Middle School
:: High School