Each educational unit is undoubtedly essential as an individual grows through different stages of life. Elementary level spans six years of important child development where the child's way of thinking starts to be more complex.

In Sekolah Bukit Sion, the elementary students are actively engaged in learning to gain more knowledge. Correspondingly, the teachers facilitate learning for the students through different methods and by using various supporting facilities such as class projector, library, laboratories and art rooms. Every year, the students will also have study visit and field trip that stimulate valuable active learning outside the school area

Our motto is "Knowledge + Character = Excellence". Thus, what the students acquire academically would be completed if they also possess Godly character qualities. The students are trained to demonstrate those qualities such as discipline, independence, honesty and diligence through daily learning process, morning devotion, character building class and monthly assembly.

All in all, the school can achieve the best for the students by having a positive partnership and working closely with the parents. We look forward to welcoming you to Sekolah Bukit Sion and sharing your child learning journey with you.

With all best wishes,

Anita Stella, M.Pd.
Elementary Principal