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Indonesians celebrate National Heroes Day annually on November 10. This particular day commemorates a chain of events collectively known as the Battle of Surabaya - a confrontation and battle between pro-independence Indonesian soldiers and an alliance of British and Dutch (VOC) troops during the fight for independence.

This was one of the most important fights in Indonesia's history. It was estimated that 6000 - 16,000 Indonesian soldiers got killed during the war. The sole purpose for this great sacrifice is our nation's independence.

Now, Indonesia has enjoyed its independence for 69 years, something that could only be dreamt of by the soldiers in the past. Even so, our fight is not over yet. Our country hasn't reached the condition that we have envisioned it to be in the 1945 constitution.

Indonesia still needs its heroes. These heroes are not super humans but ordinary people who live extraordinary lives. They are those who are willing to work hard, live with integrity and dedication.

As Indonesia's young generation, we can contribute to our country by exemplifying godly character as well as doing our best in our studies.