Daily Devotion  Thursday, 19 July 2018

The song of Moses

The children of Israel were never able to achieve the righteousness of God through the keeping of the Old Covenant. As Moses came to the end of his life of one hundred and twenty years, he wrote the book of Deuteronomy, outlining the failure of the Old Covenant. He finished the book with a song-the song of Moses. He commanded the children of Israel to read the book of Deuteronomy every seven years and to sing his song during the Feast of Booths. Deut 31:10-11.

The book was to be placed in the tabernacle as another piece of furniture, situated right next to the ark of the covenant. Deut 31:26. It was situated there as a reminder to them, every time they went in to make atonement, that they were unable to keep the law covenant because of the weakness of their flesh, and their carnally-minded ways.

Like the apostle Paul, Moses exhorted the children of Israel to live by faith. Deut 30:14. Rom 10:18. He further implored them to look forward, in hope, for the coming of a different covenant. This is the New Covenant. In the New Covenant, the cross of Christ is the operation of God that delivers us from the ways of the flesh. When we reject its operation in our lives and try to establish our own righteousness by our own law, we, in fact, become enemies of the cross. Php 3:18. In other words, we are at enmity with God!

Every Christian believer now faces the same dilemma as did the nation of Israel. Will they be offended by the cross of Christ at work in their lives, and seek to establish their own righteousness instead? Or, will they submit themselves to its operation as they join the offering and sufferings of Christ, and thereby, know the righteousness of God, which is eternal life? This choice belongs to every believer; and it is a choice that is continually made every day of their life.
References :  
Deu 31:10-11,Deu 31:26,Deu 30:14,Rom 10:8,Php 3:18,1Co 1:18,Rom 10:3
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Deuteronomy 32 Proverbs 19

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