Daily Devotion  Thursday, 19 April 2018

Our journey with Christ

Paul said that if we see Jesus as our Great High Priest, we will not become weary and discouraged in our souls. This is because we will be in the process of being brought forth from the dead with Christ, rather than coming under the condemnation associated with living according to the efforts of our flesh.

The Holy Spirit joins us to the travail of Christ, through which many sons of God are being birthed and brought to glory. This is the process that Christ authored when He came back from the death of sin by the blood that He shed as a sin offering. We are joined to Christ in Gethsemane. This is where He drank the cup and died the death of sin, and was cut off from God. We, with Christ, are joined together in the fellowship of a birthing process that was initiated by the Father. Paul said that it is here, in this birthing process, that we are all from one Father, and Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters.

Then, by the blood of Christ, we proceed to journey with Christ out from the death of sin. As the firstborn from the dead, Christ has gone before us and has already entered into immortality. We fellowship with Him in this journey until we finally come to our point of immortality on the day of His second coming. That is, we continue in the fellowship of Christ's travail for the whole of our life, eagerly awaiting the redemption of our body. This is when we receive our immortal, spiritual body, which is ours forever in the new heavens and earth. On this day, we will see Him, as He is-far above all principalities and powers and every name in heaven and on earth.
References :  
Heb 12:3 Heb 2:10-11 Eph 1:20-23 1Jn 3:1-3 Col 1:18
Daily Proverb : Further Study :
Romans 8 Proverbs 19

Upcoming Events-April 2018


2 : Easter Celebration

13: Isra Miraj Holiday

23-25: Tooth-brushing Activity

  Elementary School

4: Easter Celebration

Week 2/3: Field Trip

14: Isra Miraj holiday

18,20: Teeth Brushing Activity (during PE Lesson)

  Middle School

5-9: Practical Examination

2: Easter Service, Term 3 Report Taking

9-16: School Examination

14: Ascension of The Prophet Muhammad Holiday

16-19: 3rd National Examination Tryout

23-26: National Exam Computer Based

  High School

2: Easter Service, Term 3 Mid Semester Report Taking

9-12: National Exam ( UNBK )

14: Ascension Of the Prophet Mohammad


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