Daily Devotion  Monday, 05 February 2018

Godís sovereign election

Election refers to everything that God has sovereignly chosen for each person. This includes their God-given name and the works which He has planned for them to do. In scriptural terms, a person's 'name' simply signifies the truth of who God intended for them to be as a son or daughter of His. All the elements of a person's name and works have been meticulously considered by God. This intricate plan is the unique predestination that He chose for them, from before the foundation of the world. God has proclaimed the name and works of every individual, and inscribed that word in the Lamb's book of life. His word concerning their predestination is forever settled in heaven. This is true for every person.

God's predestination for a person is unchangeable. This is the meaning of the verse, 'For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable'. God does not regret His choice, and He does not doubt that what He has chosen is the very best for each of us! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were all involved in fashioning each person's predestination. The apostle Peter explained that this predestination is according to the foreknowledge of God the Father. We are sanctified to this predestination by the Holy Spirit. And Jesus Christ makes us sufficient for this predestination by the sprinkling of His blood. As we fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are made adequate to make our calling and election sure.

The principle of election is revealed in the account of Esau and Jacob. The Scriptures clearly explain that God's word concerning their predestination was proclaimed to their mother, Rebekah, before they were born. Why did God speak about what He had elected for each of them? He did so, in order that His sovereign choice for them would come to pass.

References :  
Eph 1:4 Rom 11:29 Jas 1:17 1Pe 1:1-2 Gen 25:23 2Pe 1:10
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Romans 9 Proverbs 5

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