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Earth Day


Most of us have a vague awareness of what Earth Day, which is held annually on the 22 April, is all about. When we hear 'Earth Day', we conjure images of denizens of the earth planting trees, conserving water, disposing garbage properly, segregating waste materials, recycling non-biodegradable materials, holding posters of Save the Earth campaigns and a slew of other activities that aim to protect the Earth and make it a better place to live-activities that embody the essence of Earth Day, a special day created to emphasize the profound importance of taking care of our beloved home, The Earth.

While it's true that Earth Day is a day intended for the noble purpose of protecting the earth and its natural resources, we seldom take the time to ponder on it, much less participate in the projects organized. And when we actually do take part, we wonder if our individual efforts can actually make an iota of difference in the massive environmental problems that are currently plaguing Mother Earth. We ask ourselves. Can we, in our individual actions, really alleviate global problems such as rapidly depleting non-renewable resources, widespread pollution as well as global warming? Or much worse, we ourselves contribute to the worsening problem of pollution by dumping our garbage in the nearest canal. And we justify this on-going slaughter of Mother Earth by thinking, "The water is already filthy anyway. This trash wouldn't make any difference." This is disgusting. Nevertheless, it's painfully true.

Let's change our mindset and be more conscious about how we treat Mother Earth because if it suffers, our children will eventually suffer the dire consequences of our actions or - the lack thereof. Perhaps if we start with ourselves and do the little that we can to protect Mother Earth, we'll create a ripple effect that would influence others to do their part as well.

So what can we do for Mother Earth? According to Earth Day Global Network, we can reduce carbon emissions by cleaning our commute and doing the following: carpooling; properly inflating tires; reducing idle time in the car; matching octane fuel to the vehicle; servicing our vehicle(s) regularly and test (driving) a hybrid vehicle. We can also reduce our carbon footprint by using energy-saving vehicles or simply by using the bike.

Let's take action and be a part of the solution and not the problem. Let's make Earth Day every day by consistently doing simple things that will make Mother Earth healthy!