Bukit Sion School

Welcome Students 2014-2015


After all the exciting holiday we just had,we finally meet again with our dearest friends and teachers at Sekolah Bukit Sion.

To start this academic year, we'd like to warmly welcome you all. Some of us are excited during the first day of school as we anticipate experiencing amazing adventures ahead, while some others might feel nervous being in a new learning environment as we just joined the school.

Anyway, no matter what thought we have in our mind, we have already sailed our ship off the shore as we are about to explore the wonderful world of education together.

Remember the fun projects and interesting facts we can get from the Science experiments?
How about the joyful moments we have had when we developed our creativity skill in arts? And of course we should not forget the subject which plays a vital role in developing our logical-mathematical skill: counting, measuring, comparing, and other challenging topics in Math which may confound us a bit. However, if we put our heart into it, there is nothing impossible to achieve. We must give our best effort in every single work we do in order to grow and succeed.

Finally, we should remember how important it is for us to cooperate with our teachers, our parents, and fellow students 'to grow together in one heart'.