Bukit Sion School

After The Pressure Comes The Leisure


I need to memorize this and that! I must do that soon! Oh wait, this one is due tomorrow! Hold on, I can finally smell the winds of holiday!"These are generally how things were going on in our brains back then during the term. Now, there is no more pressure, no more alarm clocks, hands off the book and paper. Just grab some juice and relax!

This semester has been quite a tough term for us. All students and teachers have worked diligently to accomplish their goals. Grades VI, IX and XII students had the privilege and challenge of participating in the Regional Standardized School Exams ? Ujian Sekolah Berstandar Daerah (USBD) - and National Exams - Ujian Nasional (UN). They were required to answer the questions in computerized answer sheets. Yet, their great diligence will surely be rewarded when they pass the tests with flying colors. Not to mention that holiday eagerly awaits and is ready to be embraced as everyone needs a break after a lengthy period of studying.

Furthermore, it's a known fact that we need holidays for mental and physical restoration. Yet, holidays may come in different packages for each person. For instance, some people regard holidays as a time to stay home and enjoy themselves. This encompasses the pleasures of waking up a bit later than usual, chattering and joking around with family members, relatives and friends and enjoying homemade food. In contrast, some people prefer to spend their holidays doing charity work, travelling and visiting new places. Thus, they do not mind expending their energy and spending their money on them.

However, it's necessary for us to note that it is not about the quantity but mainly the quality of our holiday itself. The real holiday is where we find ourselves thanking God for the opportunity to enjoy ourselves, family and friends for the overflowing peace and joy God has granted throughout the whole year. We should also share the love and peace with other people and grab every single opportunity to learn something new. Happy holidays, fellas! See you in the next academic year!