Daily Devotion  Wednesday, 04 May 2016

The carnal Christian

According to Jesus, the initial response of a believer to the word of God gives them the capacity to see, by illumination, the kingdom of God and their place in it as a son of God. They are born of the seed of God’s divine nature, yet they are still carnal. This means that they still have another law within their flesh. Paul called this law a principle of evil that is within us. It is an innate and subconscious desire within a person to have and express life ‘their own way’. As a consequence of the fall of mankind, every person is born with this propensity within them. It is from the basis of this law that we seek to satisfy the desires of our flesh and of our eyes, and become lifted up in pride.
With the best of intentions, a carnal Christian will set out to live acceptably to God by doing what they think is pleasing to Him. They will attempt to fulfil what they perceive to be the will of God through the enthusiastic exercise of their unique sonship and, by this means, they believe that they will be able to keep the law of God. This is because they recognise that God’s law defines the cultural standards of His kingdom, which they have been born to see. They set about living by these standards because they think that this is how they will inherit the kingdom of God. However, this is not possible.
In the parable of the sower and the seed, Jesus likened the various expressions of carnality to ‘stony ground’ and ‘thorny ground’. We understand from this parable that unless this fleshly propensity is removed from us, we will fail to bring forth fruit to God. At best, we will be a Christian who is weak in faith. At worst, we will lose our salvation.

References :  
Joh 3:3,Rom 7:21,1Jn 2:16,Luk 8:13-14,Rom 8:6-8
Daily Proverb : Further Study :
1 Corinthians 3 Proverbs 4

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