(Academic Year 2024-2025)

Thank you for your interest in joining us at Bukit Sion School. At Bukit Sion, we provide all students with the opportunity to GROW together and to reach their full academic, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual potential.

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  • Registration Fee Rp 500.000,-.
  • Age Requirements for Entry :
    • Cut-off date for Year 1 is Oct 2018
    • Cut-off date for K2 is Oct 2019
    • Cut-off date for K1 is Oct 2020
    • Cut-off date for Pre-K is Oct 2021
  • Prospective students must have adequate proficiency in English Language as all lessons (except Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese) are taught in English.
  • For non Bukit Sion students, prospective students are required to go through a selection process. All Entrance Tests or Interviews will be conducted offline based.

Feel free to visit our school and contact our Relation Officers for any information :

Early & Primary Years

Secondary & Further Education

Admission Hours

  • Monday - Friday : 7am to 3.30pm
  • Saturday : Closed
  • Sunday : Closed