Welcome to our School Clubs! Explore a range of interests, from life skills to sciences and community service, fostering personal growth, leadership, and friendships. Our clubs complement the academic curriculum, enhancing the overall educational experience. This journey allows every student to thrive, excel, and create lasting memories beyond the classroom!

Junior Innovators

Inspiring creativity and innovation through coding projects, normalizing critical thinking with automated solutions to everyday problems. It is a journey of innovation and technology exploration.

Mentor Mates

Tailored for Year 10 students, focusing on IGCSE examinations preparation. Led by successful Year 11 mentors and supported by dedicated teachers, the program offers a unique blend of peer guidance and expert support for academic excellence.

Clean and Green

Dedicated to inspiring student engagement in caring for our environment, raising awareness about sustainability, and promoting eco-friendly practices such as recycling and energy conservation.

Magazine Club

Explore unique writing voices and contribute to the school newsletter in a creative journey of expression and storytelling!

Home Economics

Empowering students with essential life skills, focusing on self-care, clothing care, upcycling, and fostering self-sufficiency to cultivate practical knowledge that lasts a lifetime!

MUN (Model United Nations)

To actively engage with global issues, refining students’ leadership and communication skills. It serves as a gateway to exploring diplomacy, collaboration, and personal growth through meaningful discussions on the world stage.