As one of our main concerns, CHARACTER is built and shaped through the guidelines of the Bible; and should be started as early as possible.
Students are guided through Morning Devotions, Character Building classes, Assembly time and Retreats.
To ensure the effectiveness of the character shaping process, students’ daily behaviour is constantly observed and disciplined by our faculty and staff.

“Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

(Proverbs 22: 6)

Our commitment towards excellence has motivated us to constantly put our best efforts to provide the finest educational quality for our children.
This includes reaching standard quality measurements from the National Department of Education. Fulfilling our commitment, Bukit Sion has constantly achieved the highest score (A) from the National Education Accreditation Board.

“More learning, less teaching”

We have proven our quality over the past 10 years. We are a fast growing school. As key players and the motor that runs our school, we pay great attention to our faculty and staff. Character Building classes are also provided for faculty and staff; daily observation is always made; and skills upgrading is never forgotten. Our team of dedicated and responsible faculty are always eager to learn more; keeping up-to-date and making sure that they are the best in their specific field. Parents can rest assured that their child is in the best hands!

Integrated education - Having all year levels in one convenient location allows us to better plan for each students’ development and monitor their progress.

Students are prepared for continued studies in Indonesia and overseas. This is achieved by adopting programmes by Cambridge Assessment International Education, whilst meeeting requirements of the National Curriculum.

In December 2010, Bukit Sion became a Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Center. Since then, our Year 10 students can sit the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams.

As the latest research in education suggests, teacher expertise is crucial to improving quality of learning. Therefore, working together with Cambridge, we develop teacher’s reflective practice and impact through continuing professional development (CPD). The CPD has become a must-grow educational lifecycle for each practitioner at our school.

This year we offer the Cambridge Professional Development Qualification, CICL&T (Cambridge International Certificate Teaching & Learning).

A nominated Programme Leader is currently responsible for designing and managing the PD programme. At this juncture, 15 candidates are undertaking the qualification wherein they develop competence in design, practice, assessment and evaluation, while a team of 5 certified mentors assume a duty to observe the teaching/learning activities and learner involvement.

The Programme leader and the team conduct regular in-house training workshops. The heart of the ongoing embodiment is a smooth blending of reflection, practice-based enquiry and active learning. We align it with the ultimate goal of education: to promote lifelong learning.