Reproach laid on Christ

Mankind rejected the fatherhood of God when Adam disobeyed Him and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Through disobedience, the other law was established in the hearts of Adam and Eve, and in every son and daughter of man who would be born after them, bringing them into captivity to the fatherhood of Satan. Rom 7:23. Every thought, motivation and behaviour that is an expression of the other law in our heart is a reproach upon the Father. It is our rejection of God as our Father and as the source of our life and works.

Our reproaches against the Father were laid on Christ when the Father made Him to be sin for us. This happened when Christ drank the cup of wrath that the Father gave to Him in the garden of Gethsemane. Luk 22:42. When Christ drank the cup of cursing, every person who ever lived, and would ever live, was made a member of His corporate body. By this means, His body became the body of sin. Rom 6:5-6. The sword of the Lord that had been set in judgement against every individual son and daughter of man fell upon Christ and His body. Jer 25:15-16. The Scriptures describe our reproaches of the Father, which were laid on Christ, as "a sword". Psa 69:9. Psa 22:20-21. Zec 13:7.

Through His offering, Christ made our death to be His death. By the grace of God, He experienced the sufferings of death that belong to every person. Heb 2:9. That is, He died by exanastasis. As the sword struck Him in judgement because of our sin, it was turned, by exanastasis, to a circumcision and chastening upon Him. By this action, the sin and other law that belonged to the old creation were being cut from Him, and He was made alive from the death of sin as the Firstborn of a corporate new creation.