Meeting face to face

Jesus Christ wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us. Through the ministry of His word, He draws near to us so that we can meet Him face to face. When we meet Christ this way, we are able to receive the light of the knowledge of the glory of God that shines from His face. 2Co 4:6. This light is the knowledge of our sonship from the Father. By turning to Christ in response to His word, we look into His face. We see, as if in a mirror, who we are to be as a son of God. 2Co 3:16,18. As we continue to turn, and to look into the face of the Lord, we are progressively changed into the image of His sonship. 2Co 3:18. 1Jn 3:2.
While this is a wonderful reality, when we look into the face of Christ, we first encounter His eyes as a flame of fire. Rev 1:14. Rev 2:18. Initially, this is a confronting experience, as His word, which the Scriptures describe as a "goad", pierces our heart. Ecc 12:11. Our heart is laid bare before His eyes. The eyes of the Lord expose the thoughts and intents of our heart, revealing our sin and self-centredness. Heb 4:12-13. However, if we do not draw back from the Lord’s gaze, we realise that His fiery eyes express His love and mercy to us. This is because, unless we see our sin, we are unable to repent and to find deliverance from sin and from God's judgement upon us. We will remain separated from Christ and under condemnation. This is not what He desires for us! 2Pe 3:9.

When Christ comes to us with eyes as a flame of fire, He is calling us to be restored to first love, in Him. Rev 2:4. He is inviting us to sojourn with Him on the unique pathway of salvation that He pioneered for us through His offering journey. Heb 5:9.