Student admission procedure
To understand the admission procedure for new students of Bukit Sion, please see the procedure-step diagram below :

Notes :
1. Incomplete Registration forms and/or incomplete documents will not be processed. (See required document section in Registration form).
2. Student registration is considered canceled if the admission fee is NOT paid before the due date.

School Time

Notes :
1. School time is subject to change.
2. Normal school days are Monday - Friday (5 days a week).
3. Normal school hours do not include Tutorial courses and Extra Curricular Activities.
4. Students are recommended to take the School Bus in order to avoid traffic, which is available for certain nearby areas. Please consult our staff about School Bus availability in your residential area.
5. Class Capacity: 25 students

Language requirements
Education in Bukit Sion is conducted in three languages: Indonesian, English, and Mandarin English is one of the core languages used in our daily learning environment and is one of the requirements for student admission. From the admission tesi we will observe and recommend students who have difficulties coping with English subject to take English preparation class. If a student fails to meet the requirement for English language proficiency : then English preparation class will be compulsory.

All fees are non-refundable. Atl fees are compulsory except those labeled as 'optional'. Please consult our admission officer for more detailed information regarding this matter.

Are there any tuition fee/discounts available?

Fees apply to all students without exception. However, discounted rates are available for 'second-child'enrollment in Bukit Sion. Kindly consult our admission officer for more details.

Will there be any fee increase?

During the first year in Bukit Sion, students fee will be as stipulated during admission. Howevef, all fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted in order to take into account the operational costs (I. e. : electricit), teaching aids, materials, activities, etc.) as we as the country's economic fluctuation.

Admission Office

Red Campus +6221-58904177

Blue Campus +6221-58904181

Upcoming Events-May 2019


10: Class Spirit Day

24: End of School Year Celebration, K2 Graduation Ceremony

25: Quarter 4 Report Taking

27 - Jul 5:School Holiday


15-17,20 : Final Exam

22 : End of Year Class Party

27 : Report Taking Day

27 May - 7 July : Term 4 Break + Eid al-Fitr Holiday

28 June : Graduation Ceremony and Report Taking Day

28 May - 6 July : Parent-Teacher Conference

8 July : First day of school in the new academic year 2019/2020

13 July : Parent-Teacher Conference

  Middle School

31-21: Final Exam

22: Class Sharing

25: Semester 2 Report Taking & Year 9 Thanks Giving

27-31: Student Holiday

  High School

31-21: Final Exam

22: Class Sharing

25: Semester 2 Report Taking & Year 9 Thanks Giving


Student's academic calender (2018-2019) :
:: Kindergarten School
:: Primary School
:: Middle School
:: High School