Parent Teacher Association
PTA Bukit Sion Preschool is a mixture of parents that work together to support the school program and help to enrich our childrens' learning experience. The members of PTA are all parents of Sekolah Bukit Sion Preschool. Our PTA is very dependable on a continual cycle of parental involvement, meaning when the children reach the final year of Kindergarten and leave for Primary, so do the parents. PTA Bukit Sion Preschool always has many plans for great events every year, and the events are suited to the School curriculum; such as :

National Day : PTA helps to introduce to Preschoolers and Kindergarteners about our nations and country as well as the culture through Traditional Costumes and songs

Green Day : This is the day when our Preschoolers and Kindergarteners learn about saving energy, and go green to save our planet.

Sharing is Caring : This is one of the event, PTA has made following the school's yearly program; where our children are taught about sharing, caring and table manners through videos and live play that acted out by PTA volunteers.

The mentioned events above, are only some, PTA Sekolah Bukit Sion Preschool still has more than that, and we always try to achieve the great and memorable events, we always need volunteers from other parents of Sekolah Bukit Sion Preschool, along with teachers supports, because without them our school will have no PTA.

From my point of view, as PTA of Sekolah Bukit Sion Preschool 2015-2016 coordinator, I gain quite many advantages through the activities and meetings of PTA; I feel more connected to other parents, get to know about other teachers and staffs too, and it is good to know when being a helping hand in PTA also helps me to be able to use whatever skills I have for a good cause.

Upcoming Events-May 2019


10: Class Spirit Day

24: End of School Year Celebration, K2 Graduation Ceremony

25: Quarter 4 Report Taking

27 - Jul 5:School Holiday


15-17,20 : Final Exam

22 : End of Year Class Party

27 : Report Taking Day

27 May - 7 July : Term 4 Break + Eid al-Fitr Holiday

28 June : Graduation Ceremony and Report Taking Day

28 May - 6 July : Parent-Teacher Conference

8 July : First day of school in the new academic year 2019/2020

13 July : Parent-Teacher Conference

  Middle School

31-21: Final Exam

22: Class Sharing

25: Semester 2 Report Taking & Year 9 Thanks Giving

27-31: Student Holiday

  High School

31-21: Final Exam

22: Class Sharing

25: Semester 2 Report Taking & Year 9 Thanks Giving


Student's academic calender (2018-2019) :
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:: Middle School
:: High School