Hi! My name is Jessica Thenardy. I'm currently a student in University of Alberta, Edmonton, canada. I'm studying as a Bachelor of science in psychology. I'm planning to take Animal Psychology for my master degree.

I went to Bukit sion school since grade 7 until I graduated high school. My experience being in Bukit Sion was awesome! I met a lot of friends that are now currently studying In different institutions all over the world. The teachers and staffs are also very friendly and they are willing to help you solve your difficulties on your studies. They also provide tutorial sessions after if you find it difficult following in class.

Moreover, they don't just focus on your academics;they also offer art based curriculums, and they even have extracurricular activities too, for example dance and drama club. They provide basketball,football, and badminton clubs too. All in all, I really enjoyed being a student there. I used to not do that well In school, but Bukit sion guided me through all of my difficulties while I was there notjust academically, but also physically, spiritually, and creatively. I LOVE BUKIT SION!

My name is Rio from batch 2010, a former captain of Bukit Sion basketball team and now I'm studying at UPH for Medical doctor degree. I'm so grateful that I chose Bukit Sion for my high school.

Bukit Sion helped me a lot to develop my potentials, not only in academics, but sports, especially basketball and character also.

The teachers are more like a mentor to me. They really care for their students, that's why for me, they are a perfect role model for the students. The good thing I felt in this school ls that all teachers and stafs are commited to bring Christian value in every aspect.

Elisse Theodora, class of 2010 (Monash Unlverslty Melbourne-Bachelor of Science, majorlng In Physiology and Psychology, 3rd year student) As an alumnus, I found that studying in Sekolah Bukit Sion was an amazing and valuable experience. The school provides a great learning environment, with patient and loving teachers who actually care for each individual student.

The most outstanding feature that makes SBS different from other schools is that the members of sBS work as a team to more thanjust educate students academicall but also in training them to practice good behaviors.

I remember that despite of how diminutive we think of one bad behavior was, a disciplinary action would still be given. This is a really important aspect in attributing students for their future, because knowledge alone will get them nowhere. I am currently studying science in Monash university and it is still enforced to us many times that the quality of an honorable scientist is character.

Kevin, mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Indonesia.

Bukit Sion menurut saya adalah sekolah yang unik karena lebih menekankan karacter dibanding akademis. Belajar disana menurut saya lumayan menyenangkan. Guru-gurunya bukan cuma sebagai guru tapi juga sebagai teman yang luarbiasa sabar dan baik hati dalam membimbing dan mengajar saya.

Selama disana banyak sekali yang saya dapatkan baik dari segi karakter dan ilmu. Bekal yang saya dapatkan di sana sangan bermanfaat di Perguruan Tinggi terutama di sisi karakter.

My name is Gerard Gedera, presently a medical student of Macquarie Unlverslty, Sydney Australia. I previously attended Sekolah Bukit Sion National Plus for my high school, and it was the main factor of why it is possible for me to enter Macquarie University and compete equally at an international level with overseas students.

Bukit Sion's education system, based on my learning experience there, excellently balances both national and international education method, and provides a special program called the IGCSE program, which is Internationally recognized and accepted, providing a gateway to enter overseas Universities.

As a Christian school, Sekolah Bukit Sion guides me to be a proper civilized citizen, with Christian morals to face the chaotic modern society. Although the teachers are quite strict, they arealso kind and caring, and I know that deep down, they are doing this for our own good. The education curriculum for Sekolah Bukit Sion immensely improved my English, written and oral. I personally believe that Bukit Sion ls a great school, and has entered here has played a major role for my future success, thank you Sekolah Bukit Sion.

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