The following lists the registration period for the 2020-2021 academic year batch :

LEVEL OPEN DAY 1st Batch 2nd Batch 3rd Batch NORMAL
Preschool, Primary 31 Aug 2019 2 Sept – 17 Dec 2019 6 Jan - 28 Feb 2020 1 Mar - 30 Apr 2020 May - July 2020
Middle, High 7 Sept 2019 9 Sept – 17 Dec 2019


  1. Visit us at Bukit Sion for one-time development fee information and to tour our school.
  2. Fill out the registration form :
      Online Registration Click Here
      Registration form fee is Rp. 450.000,-.
  3. Complete required documents and bring them when coming in for the admission test .
  4. Take the new student admission test .

Will there be any Fee increase?

During the first year in Bukit Sion, students’ fee will be as stipulated during admission. However, all fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted in order to take into account the operational costs (i.e: electricity, teaching aids, materials, activities, etc.) as well as the country’s economic fluctuation.

Are there any tuition fee discounts available?

Fees apply to all students without exception. However, discounted rates are available for ‘secondchild’ enrollment in Bukit Sion. Kindly consult our admission officers for more details.


Education in Bukit Sion is conducted in three languages: Indonesia, English, and Mandarin. English is one of the core languages used in our daily learning environment and is one of the requirements for student admission. From the admission test, we will observe and recommend students who have difficulties coping with English subject to take English preparation class. If a student fails to meet the requirement for English language proficiency, then English preparation class will be a compulsory.