Why Choose Bukit Sion

A strong commitment is the heart and soul of an educational institution. This dedication and passion acts as the catalyst that drives us to develop and grow further.

Here in Sekolah Bukit Sion, you'll witness firsthand, the unwavering commitment of all the members of the institution to maintain quality and consistency by constantly training faculty and staff to render impeccable educational service.

Since Bukit Sion was established in 2004 we have always strived to provide a quality place for children to grow, study and socialize.

Our tailor-made curriculum accommodates our philosophy of a student-centered education which reflects our teaching-learning process motto : "More Learning, Less Teaching."

This means that students are trained to have a passion for learning. They are strongly encouraged to discover their talents and develop them to the utmost. they are also taught to cultivate a regular study habit. and most importantly they imbibe the love of Christ imparted through Morning Devotion and mani- fested through the example set by the teachers.


Our paramount concern, CHARACTER, is built and shaped through the guidelines in the Bible and should be started as early as possible. Students are guided through Morning Devotions, Character Building classes, Assembly time and Retreats.

To ensure the effectiveness of the character shaping process, students' daily behavior is constantly observed and disciplined by our faculty and staff.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
(Proverbs 22 6)

Our commitment towards excellence has motivated us to constantly put our best efforts forward in order to provide the finest quality education to our students. This includes successfully meeting standard quality measurements from the National Department of Education. Thus, Bukit Sion has constantly achieved the highest score (A) from the National Education Accreditation Board.

As key players and the motor that runs our school, we pay great attention to our faculty and staff.

Character Building classes are provided to the faculty and staff the teaching-learning process in the classroom is evaluated and faculty development is emphasized. As a result our team of dedicated and responsible faculty members is always eager to learning more; keeping up-to-date with the lates technology that enchances learning, making sure that they're the experts in their specific fields.

Preschool :
Learn to socialize and get along with others

Elementary :
Students build on their independence; they also learn to allot time for studying and playing

Middle-High :
Student focus on hardcore knowledge; they understand that the result of their futures lie solely in their own choices

Adopting an international-standard in our educational system, and fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum, students are prepared for higher studies in Indonesia and overseas. In December 2010 Bukit Sion became a Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Center. Since then, our 10th graders have the opportunity to take the exams to obtain the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Students learn from the best curriculum as well as experience friendship in a multi-cultural environment.

Everything changes except our commitment to excellence in education. Knowing that quality education makes for quality learning, we therefore work with Cambridge as we endeavor to support continuing professional development (CPD) through programmes that build reflective and effective practice. The CPD has become a must grow educational life cycle for each practitioner in our school. To further develop the teaching-learning process, we offer the Cambridge Professional Development Qualification, CIDTT (Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers).

A nominated Programme Leader is currently responsible for designing and managing the PD programme. At this juncture, 15 candidates are undertaking the qualification wherein they develop competence in design, practice, assessment and evaluation. A team of 5 certified mentors for that reason assumes a duty to observe the teaching/learning activities and learner involvement alongside them. The programme leader and the team carry out a series of in-house training workshops. The heart of it, the ongoing embodiment, is a smooth blending between reflection, practice-based enquiry and active learning. We align it with the ultimate goal of education which is to create a lifelong learning habit. With this goal coupled with the vision to make many trainers, we will go the extra mile, do extra work, and take necessary risks to achieve excellence. God bless us all and also the generation to come.

Besides academic lessons, Bukit Sion adopts extended learning in various ways. Multimedia Learning is applied utilizing our audio-visual lab science labs and workshops which enhance understanding through practical experiments:

Hands-on experience is provided through educational visits and other outings;

Various Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) & Intra Curricular Activity (ICA) to choose from.

Keeping an eye on all aspects of development, Bukit Sion acknowledges the exixtence of multiple intelligences. Thus, we develop talents in many areas :

Campus Location
The real estate of Taman Interkon Kebun Jeruk (Interkon) is built with high standards in infrastructure. This large compound is situated in a tranquil area, away from the hectic life of the metropolitan city of Jakarta, making it the perfect place for learning.

The Perfect Partner
Children follow in the footsteps of their parents. As our main partners, parents play the most significant role in their children's development.

PTA (parent Teacher Association) is our parent organization. All parents are considered members of PTA.

Some parents are more active than the others. As we are a parents'community, we strongly encourage all parents to actively participate so they can contribute knowledge and experiences that can positively influence the social life and events at school. PTA has a mission to support teacher and school programs in order for it to run more smoothly. PTA realizes that parents'involvement in their children's education will enable children to embrace learning and make our school a wonderful learning environment that will prove advantageous to them.

PTA serves as a way for parents to competently communicate ideas for the betterment of the school to the administration board. It works in an advisory capacity but doesn't establish school policies. PTA uses the school newsletter and school announcement board as a medium of communication. Any other principal. memos distributed to the students must first be noted and approved by the Wednesday of the month. It is open to all parents. This is a great opportunity for parents to confer with one another regarding the planning of events and other matters. It is also a great way to make friends and familiarize oneself with the school.

Bukit Sion School is immensely proud of its high level of parent participation and values in this partnership with the parent community.

Upcoming Events-August 2019


10: Student Art Festival

19: Flag Raising Ceremony and Independence Day Celebration

8-9, 12-16: Pemeriksaan Gigi (Kelas I-VI)

  Middle School

16: Independence Day Celebration

  High School

23: Independence Day Celebration


Student's academic calender (2019-2020) :
:: Kindergarten School
:: Primary School