Middle Principal
As we journey through the academic years, what remains indispensable in the eye of education is the impact of quality instruction on student learning. In other words, teacher effectiveness equals student success. Our teachers understand this robust principle by which Bukit Sion School is established to stand out as a great school. Therefore, they not merely view it as a well thought-out and intentional educational philosophy but strive to live up to it.

Since Bukit Sion was certified a licensed Cambridge Examination Center, the teachers have been facilitating higher levels of achievement to meet the required international qualification. They are endeavoring to allocate many hours of reflective learning cycle; design, practice, assessment and evaluation for the new United Kingdom curriculum. In light of sustaining such professional development, we have appointed a programme leader for the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. Recently, on June 2012, the programme leader has been accredited meaning Bukit Sion can now provide its own comprehensive in-house workshop and training for any dedicated faculties. This is a truly opened opportunity where all the participating teachers would change and improve their professional practice to help their learners learn more effectively.

There is no doubt that Bukit Sion School would also train up the students to be responsible for their own learning. Our motto "Knowledge + Character = Excellence" remains and it will go a long way to create a lifelong learning habit, the ultimate goal of education.

I look forward to seeing you around the campus and wish you every blessing in the year ahead. It is a one-day-at-a-time journey to us, and our time is now. God bless us all.


Wendy Hartono S.Kom, M.Pd.
Middle School Principal